Dr. Susan Cunningham

NAET Specialist

                           About Dr. Susan Cunningham

     Dr. Susan Cunningham started her practice in East Meadow, NY, in 1993.  A few years later moved her establishment to Levittown, NY.  With minimal to no advertising, Dr. Cunningham's practice flourished from internal referrals. She has a highly reputable family practice of all ages ranging from toddlers to seniors.

     Dr. Cunningham works with all chronic conditions.  A few examples are chronic fatigue, asthma, eczema, chemical sensitivities, menopausal symptoms,  and much more.  See Conditions Treated page for a more thorough list. She specializes in Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autism, PDD, ADD/ADHD, Sensory Integration Disorder, Developmental Disorders). 

     What sets Dr. Cunningham  apart from other practitioners is her rare combination of qualities: dedication, compassion, tenacious personality, and her ability to think outside the box.  

     Dr. Cunningham specializes in NAET, an allergy elimination technique, Chiropractic, IMAET (computerized biofeedback to energetically rebalance the body), Ion Foot Cleanse (to detoxify the body), and has a full spectrum sauna to detoxify heavy metals in children, sooth arthritic pain, assist in weight loss and much more!  Her office provides a warm, friendly and relaxing atmosphere decorated in the tropics for all ages to enjoy.  

     Dr. Cunningham has been featured on News 12, Long Island Naturally, with Mary Mucci, numerous times with patients who have recovered from autism, ADD/ADHD, food allergies and more.  These interviews can be accessed on the Homepage.   

     Dr. Susan Cunningham received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1989 from New York Institute of Technology.  In 1992 she graduated from New York Chiropractic College and holds a license to practice in New York and Pennsylvania. She graduated with honors and throughout her academic career she won many awards in science and humanities.

    Dr. Cunningham practices NAET which is a safe, natural, non-invasive,  pain free solution to eliminating allergies.  She customizes her treatment plan to an individuals needs.  In addition, nutritional counseling and supplementation is utilized in her practice.