Dr. Susan Cunningham

NAET Specialist

Patient Testimonials


"At the age of two, our son Brendan was diagnosed with Autism, P.D.D. N.O.S., it was during that doctor visit when our pediatrician told us 'He will always be like this.' 'There is not much we can do' he told us, and 'He will always need special schools and services.' Brendan was non-verbal, non-communicative, had no eye contact with others, could not be touched without having a meltdown, and was bothered by any kind of noise. He needed all the lights lowered and all of his food had to be pureed. We started special services with early intervention including P.T., Speech, O.T., and feeding therapy. His eating was so bad that we spent two years at a feeding hospital.

Due to all the services and Doctor appointments, I had to walk away from working full time and because he was a twin, my husband also had to take a job with a flexible schedule so he could care for our other son. This new job had better hours for us but also gave us much less income. That was the last thing we needed. Because all of these special Doctors and treatments were not covered by insurance, everything had to come out of pocket. The feeding program alone was $60,000. With everything we were doing, we saw little improvement; our son was still in a fog. He was still on a special restricted diet with no dairy or wheat and was still in a special school. At the age of 4, my sister’s friend started working at an office where they worked with children with Autism along with other illnesses and it was working! The treatments done at this office was called NAET which stands for Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. We thought okay, let’s give it a try. It was a holistic non-invasive treatment. It was at that first appointment we met Dr. Susan Cunningham. She looked at my husband and myself and told us it was going to be okay, well she was right!!!

It was during his third treatment that we saw a major breakthrough; he was getting treated for dairy. All of a sudden, our Brendan started to speak and communicate. We could not believe it, he was talking and asking questions, he was telling us when he needed something, he was telling us when he did not want something. But the one thing I will always remember is when he came running up to me and said “I love you Mommy!” These were the words I wanted to hear- these were the words I needed to hear!! NAET introduced us to our son and for that I will forever be thankful to NAET and Dr. Susan Cunningham! Then, one by one, as each treatment was passed, Brendan came out of his fog, special services were no longer needed, he was in a regular school with mainstream classwork and specials, and he no longer needed a special diet. I remember one appointment when Dr. Cunningham, told us to give him a cup of milk and regular bread, I could not believe it, but there was Dr. Cunningham assuring us it would be okay, again she was right. As he drank the milk and ate the bread, we waited for the reaction, the meltdown, but nothing happened! Another major breakthrough was when he started eating solid foods. We could not believe it. He was eating all types of food, meats, veggies, fruits, grains, starches, and more. Meals were just a time to eat and enjoy, rather than crying and meltdowns.

Today, at the age of 9, Brendan is a fantastic little boy who enjoys everything. He is doing mainstream work in a typical school, he is on a basketball team, he eats all types of foods, he goes to his friends’ birthday parties, playdates, he loves to ride his scooter, and loves to plays with his brother and sister. Now we can go to family functions, take vacations, go out to eat, do family outings; you name it, we can do it. Because of NAET and Dr. Susan Cunningham, we can just be a family and are making wonderful memories. Dr. Susan Cunningham is a very special person in our family, PLEASE LET HER INTRODUCE YOU TO YOUR CHILD!!!

- Melanie and Joe Julian

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"My daughter, Lily, received her first vaccination at her one-month doctor visit.  It was for HepB, and the only reaction I noticed was lethargy.  At her two-month visit, she received Hib, PCV and DTap.  She screamed at the office and fell asleep on the way home.  I noticed she slept for some time even after I took her out of the car, which was unheard of for Lily.  When she woke she started screaming.  It was high pitched and inconsolable!  She would't eat, couldn't be soothed, wouldn't sleep.  In the following days, she developed a rash on the right side of her face that was gone within four days.  Her appetite then increased significantly, and she was unable to sleep for stretches longer than 30 minutes during the day and two hours at night.  She started clawing at her face both while awake and asleep, became very puffy in her face and around her eyes. She had bouts of unexplained, inconsolable crying and her movements, which had just become more smooth and fluid, were back to jerky.
     I brought Lily to her doctor and he claimed there was nothing wrong with her.  She was a healthy baby; no fever, no symptoms (even though I explained all the symptoms listed above).  I then contacted her holistic pediatrician who explained he suspected she suffered from encephalitis as a result of the vaccinations and he wanted me to bring her to see him.  He confirmed his diagnosis and noted the she didn't hold eye contact (which she should at two months old) and didn't respond to her name.  He told me I immediately needed to be on a gluten free / casein free diet (autism spectrum diet) and I should have her evaluated by Early Intervention.  My holistic pediatrician informed me that Lily had the signs of Autism but was too young to diagnose.  He prepared me that vaccine injured babies get encephalitis from the shots and are typically given the label of Autism in time.  I was devastated and fearful for Lily's future.  
     Just over a month later, I took Lily for her first visit to Dr. Cunningham for NAET treatments.  She has received treatments one to three times per week since then.  As Dr. Cunningham started treating basic allergies, I started to see subtle changes in my daughter.  It wasn't until we started clearing vaccines that I realized how much damage the vaccines had actually caused.  Each time she cleared a vaccine (though they all took several treatments to clear), she had a huge developmental leap as if a light switch had been turned on.  She became more vocal after the first.  After the second she was able to pull herself to standing.  After another, she started crawling on all fours and had a huge leap in fine motor skills and problem solving skills.  
     What NAET has done for Lily is AMAZING! She is now a typical bright one year old totally on track socially, developmentally and neurologically.  Lily had no signs of Autism. 
     My husband, Paul was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism on blood work and his medical doctor wanted him on thyroid medicine immediately. From that moment, Paul went on a gluten and casein free diet and made his first NAET appointment with Dr. Cunningham.  She treated him for a few basic food items including gluten and casein.  Paul had six treatments before he returned back to his medical doctor in about one month time period.  Paul's thyroid blood tests came back normal and she does not need to be on medication. 
     Anyone who suspects their child was vaccine injured or already diagnosed with Autism, thyroid problems, skin conditions and more, I recommend you go see Dr. Cunningham.  The results are LIFE CHANGING! "
                                                                                                     - Christine B.  

     "I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. When I first came to Dr. Cunningham I was a mess!  My pain was at least a 6 and my level of fatigue was horrific!

     My day consisted of taking a shower, rest, get dressed, rest, run an errand if I could then rest on the couch the rest of the day until dinner time. I was too tired to watch TV. If I felt up to it, I would cook something but most nights my husband had to prepare dinner after he came home from work. I would eat and go back on the couch being unable to move. I had no life, was unable to attend many family functions, events, etc. I was on 6 medications and many supplements. My blood work was a mess, getting worse and the medical doctors had no idea what to do.
     Since I have started with Dr. Cunningham my blood work is perfectly normal. I have been able to get off of 4 medications including Thyroid and Atenenol heart medication, which never happens. I have also stopped taking many supplements as they aren't necessary. My pain level is at around 4 which is so much more manageable.
     Sleep was another big problem. I was exhausted and could not sleep. I took 7 pills including one prescription pill every night. It took me hours to fall asleep and I faithfully woke up every morning with the alarm, trying to stay on schedule. At this point I am down to one prescription pill and one supplement to help me sleep. I also fall asleep in less than one hour getting about 7 hours a night as opposed to about 4 hours prior.
     My life is slowly returning as my energy increases, pain ceasing, reconnecting with friends and life in general. I believe that with more treatments that I will be who I was before I got sick, getting off all my medications and supplements. I thank God every day to have found such a caring doctor who is passionate about her work and healing her patients. I have witnessed many miracles while sitting in her waiting room and I encourage anyone who is just not feeling "right" or has a major debilitating illness to make an appointment with Dr. Cunningham. She is the best!  You CAN regain your life back too!"

- Angela T.

     "The diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome left me wondering what that meant for my son’s future. What kind of quality of life would he have? No one could really tell me because no one knew anything about Fragile X. From “Genetic Specialists” to regular MD’s, not one could give me any real information or offer any alternative methods of treatment or even hope. They just wanted to vaccinate him and continue to bring out new symptoms, and I could continue to watch him disappear. I said NO.

     When you have the correct information about a condition from someone who actually knows about it, that alone makes a big difference. Finding Dr. Cunningham gave me and my family a light to guide us through a very dark time. Within two weeks of beginning treatment we saw changes. To make sure I wasn’t crazy outsiders told me they saw changes. Raiden was emerging. The healing had begun. He turned away from his dark path towards the road of a typical child. When you start from zero with no language and no awareness of his environment you have nowhere to move but up. Most think this means baby steps with slow progress. Raiden is like me he doesn’t have time for slow, he wants to run.

     With each treatment his vocabulary has grown to the point of new words and small sentences emerging every day. He now sings his ABC’s, counts to 20, knows and recognizes colors, asks questions and is memorizing song lyrics and singing them spontaneously. Thanks to his dad being a metal head that means Black Sabbath and Iron Man, he and my daughter can now interact with each other and laugh and play. Two years ago if you had told me any of these changes were coming I wouldn’t have believed it was possible. All I hear now from those who knew him before treatment is that he is a “different child”. They can’t believe his progress. I can, I knew him when.

With kindergarten fast approaching I know his progress will continue and he will continue to grow and prosper. I believe that by first grade he could be in an inclusion class. His pre-school thinks earlier. That’s a great change from two years ago hearing “we aren’t sure where Raiden will be”.

     Dr. Cunningham’s treatments are the reason he can now learn and retain information because he is being healed. I am now a believer that traditional medicine has a place for some but not for everyone. Those who have different needs, need different options and someone with an open mind to show you these options. Unfortunately, these options are few and far between.

     I thought that miracles of my life was meeting my husband and having a family. The days before meeting him were dark ones. He gave my life light and direction. I was wrong. I found someone with an open mind, Dr. Cunningham to brighten Raiden’s light and give him a new direction with NAET, that’s a miracle right there."

                                                                                                      - Stephanie K.

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     "At a young age our son was diagnosed with PDD, asthma, allergies and eczema. After having only mild success with other doctors and medicines we decided to give Dr. Cunningham and NAET a try. The difference has been remarkable.

     In just a short amount of time we began to see significant positive changes. Our sons symptoms were greatly reduced after each treatment sessions with Dr. Cunningham. His immune system is much stonger, he seems to have better focus and he is less reactive to many of his allergies thus greatly reducing his symptoms. We like NAET because it is noninvasive and addresses the root of the problem rather than masking symptoms with various medications.

     Dr. Cunningham has been wonderful in helping us find a solution to our son’s issues. She is warm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable in her profession. We highly recommend Dr. Cunningham and NAET to anyone suffering from allergies or other health impairing conditions.

     In September of 2011 our son lost his PDD label and is now in a main streamed class thanks to NAET."

                                                                                              - Jamie & Ernie P.


"My son was diagnosed with ADHD. Dillon couldn’t focus at all on school work and was also hyper and disruptive. He is a different child today thanks to NAET treatments and Dr. Cunningham’s expertise. He is a strong student now with no signs of ADHD anymore."

- Laura C.


     "I took my 11-year-old son, Nicholas, whose diagnosis is ADHD, to Dr. Cunningham almost two years ago. Even though I had expected NAET to somewhat work, I was surprised by the results. After one treatment, I got the first good behavior note from his school I had gotten in six months!! After being gluten- and dairy-free for three years, he now eats pizza and ice cream – the things a child should be allowed to eat. This past Halloween was the first time he was able to eat food coloring without reacting. His food allergies and most of his compulsive behaviors are gone and his frustration tolerance is better. He is also growing in height because he is now absorbing nutrients his body was rejecting before.  

     The teachers who have known him for a few years have commented that he is calmer now.  At his recent triennial, the school psychologist stated that he is a completely different child from three years prior.  Having learned to be skeptical after doing other treatments, I had researched NAET for a year before starting.  I read about "energy medicine" and found proof I needed in quantum physics, something I had never been familiar with.  It's all about vibrations and how they can affect the body. Definitely “out there ” but now I am a true believer. Thank you Dr. Cunningham for not being afraid to step outside the box and break the mold. You are exactly what our healthcare crisis needs!!"

                                                                                                        - Jill D.


     "I have been seeing a neurologist for my migraines for about 30 years and I’ve been taking strong medication for my migraines, which have severe side effects, for about 20 years. Over the years, different neurologists have told me to avoid chocolate, red wine, shell fish, and caffeine triggers for migraines. My frustrated response was that I don’t eat any of that anyway so it’s clearly not causing any migraines. Friends have mentioned over the years to seek out homeopathic types of treatment, but I didn’t fully understand what that meant. Then about a year and a half ago, a friend told me that this holistic doctor was treating his children who were on the autism spectrum and that she also treats migraines. My friend’s one son was 4 and was non- verbal and non-communicative. After 2 NAET treatments with Dr. Cunningham, the child began to speak. After five treatments, the child had spontaneous speech and started speaking in sentences. That impressed me and I decided to seek out this doctor.   

     Therefore, I made my first appointment to see Dr. Cunningham. I learned that I had allergies/intolerances to many foods and seasonal substances and I started my NAET treatments immediately! Throughout the year, I learned that MY migraine triggers were Vitamins E, K, and D among a few others. I was treated for these items and I haven’t suffered a migraine since I passed these vitamins. I don’t need my prescription migraine medicine anymore and I feel great!! I also noticed that my skin is clearer, I sleep through the night now and feel more energetic & alert. 

     I am a Medical Speech Pathologist and I work with ABA kids, speech & language delayed, and behavioral children. I am so impressed with NAET that I refer all my autism spectrum disorder children to Dr. Cunningham.  I see miraculous changes on all the children, I have referred and some are off the spectrum and main streamed into typical classes already. I’m strongly considering going back to school to be a NAET practitioner. Everyone should know about this! Thank you Dr. Cunningham for your expertise and dedication!  Every autistic child should have the opportunity to meet Dr. Cunningham."

                                                                                                      - Cara D.


My husband, Mike, was chronically ill with severe diarrhea starting in April 2010. He had major heart surgery in March 2010. His primary care physician and cardiologist just dismissed the problem and gave us no explanation as to why it happened or when it would stop. Prior to Mike’s surgery, he was on no medications and after the surgery, he was placed on nine different medications. He had no color in his face , little to no energy, and was exhausted all the time due to multiple daily bouts of severe diarrhea.

     My sister’s family went to Dr. Cunningham and all had great results and recommended we take Mike to this doctor for NAET treatments. My husband was skeptical but knew he had to try something because his doctors weren’t solving his problem. Mike started his NAET treatments in July 2010. He was treated for common food allergies, medications and chemical sensitivities.

     With each treatment, Mike had less and less diarrhea. His color in his face returned, he was more energetic and didn’t need as much sleep. Then Dr. Cunningham treated Mike for yeast. This treatment took a few times to pass but once he cleared yeast, Mike’s diarrhea stopped completely and never returned again. It only took six weeks of NAET treatments to resolve severe chronic diarrhea that lasted for almost six months. Thanks to the NAET treatments, Mike is only taking four prescription medications and was able to discontinue the other five because his body is now compatible to things he was previously allergic to. Through his NAET treatments and nutritional guidance, Dr. Cunninmgham is addressing his leaky gut syndrome successfully. Mike’s bloodwork comes back better and better every time and he feels amazing.  Thanks Dr. Cunningham! You have changed Mike’s life! Now our three grown daughters see Dr. Cunningham and we recommend all our family and friends. If you suffer from any ailment, go see Dr. Cunningham."

                                                                                                - Laura B.


I was diagnosed with severe asthma due to animal and seasonal allergies. Dr Cunningham has improved my life greatly. After almost dying from a dog allergy, I am now able to have dogs in my lap and licking my face without an allergy attack. This is a miracle. NAET is fantastic! I no longer need to rely on allergy shots, medications or inhalers to survive. Thank you Dr Cunningham."

-  Isobel T.


"I had eczema since childhood and my skin was always sore, itchy and very irritated. After several months of NAET treatments, my skin is clear and not a trace of eczema. I was also lactose intolerant and needed to take enzymes to digest dairy. Thanks to Dr Cunningham and her wonderful NAET treatments, I am no longer allergic to dairy. I can drink milk, eat cheese and have no reaction. Thanks to NAET, I live happier and much healthier."

                                                                                                            - Carol P.


"I was suffering from anxiety and panic while driving and at work. After starting NAET treatments, my anxiety and panic attacks subsided and virtually disappeared. It was such a relief to not have symptoms and to feel in control again. NAET was a life saver for me and I am very thankful to Dr. Cunningham for helping me to enjoy my life without anxiety and stress."

                                                                                                             -Katie P.


"NAET treatment for my low functioning thyroid has helped regulate my thyroid as displayed by my energy level, improved clarity, improved overall attitude and as also seen in muscle testing during my treatments which showed stronger with each of my 3-5 treatments, thus avoiding medicine. My 13 year old son was struggling in seventh grade with focusing and staying on task, but within 2-4 weeks on NAET treatments, I saw a marked improvement of 10-20 points higher in all grades, all with no medication, (which MD had recommended he take). My 10 year old son suffered profusely with pollen allergies, tearing, red eyes, congestion and all, but with a few NAET treatments (3-5), he now has no signs of any irritation. With NAET, we stay out of the pharmacy and are enjoying our bodies the way they are meant to be, in balance and in harmony."                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                - Liz G.


"I was a big chocoholic and I would eat chocolate and ice cream just about every day. I was treated for cocoa and caffeine. My chocolate cravings went away as well as my sinus congestion. I was treated for spices and watched my migraines disappear."

                                                                                                                                        - Jane M.


"I suffered from insomnia for years. I was treated for my allergies and watched my life change though NAET. I am now able to sleep through the night and get 8 uninterrupted hours of rest. I also had seasonal allergies to pollen, grass and mold. Thanks to Dr. Cunningham I have no reaction to my outdoor allergies anymore and I feel great."

                                                                                                          - George P.


"Dr. Cunningham and NAET have turned my life around. I have been suffering with Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue for many years. I also had numerous allergies. After many years of fruitless searching, I found Dr. Cunningham. She has cleared me of my allergies and brought my energy level back up. I am better than I have been in 10 years. I am so grateful to Dr. Cunningham. In addition to her vast knowledge, she is extremely caring and compassionate person. Besides, the treatment she gives, she is there with support along the way."

                                                                                                             - Ellen K.


"After years of struggling with chronic fatigue, acid reflux, migraine headaches and stress, I met Dr. Cunningham. After a few months of NAET treatments, I am a different person. My energy level has soared and my acid reflux has completely vanished. Migraine headaches are in the past for me thanks to these amazing treatments. I am a peri-menopausal woman who suffers from night sweats and terrible hot flashes but Dr. Cunningham treated me for my hormones and fixed that too. My stress level has diminished greatly and I live much healthier since NAET was introduced in my life. . NAET has made a world of difference in the quality of my life."

                                                                                                         - Patricia D.


"I am a patient of Dr. Susan Cunningham for many years with chiropractic care. Now she has treated me with NAET for mold and pollen (had a bad cough). I am so impressed with the results of the treatment. My cough subsided and I continue to see her for treatment."

                                                                                                         - Edward H


" I had suffered from excruciating migraines sometimes several a week for almost 35 years when I decided to allow Dr. Susan Cunningham to treat me.  I was naturally skeptical but figured I had nothing to lose.  Much to my disbelief, after one one treatment my migraines disappeared.  Since the treatment, I will occasionally get a "regular" headache that any over-the-counter medication can handle. I truly believe that my life has changed since that treatment a few years ago. I also suffered for the last few years with hot flashes and terrible night sweats and Dr. Sue mentioned she could help me with this as well.  After only a few treatments, the sweats and flashes are completely gone.  I cannot really explain it, however the results speak for themselves!"                                                                                                                              

                                                                                                           - Susan K.


     "My daughter Savannah started at Dr. Sue's when she was two years old with Eczema.  After a year of treatments her Eczema is gone.  She had very red and itchy skin along with hives.  Dr. Sue's treatments helped Savannah with her skin as well as seasonal allergies.  Savannah no longer has flare ups and she is able to enjoy her childhood without being uncomfortable or self-conscious.  She is a very happy child.  

     My son Jake came to Dr. Sue after he was diagnosed with PDD and apraxia.  After being treated, Jake has now lost his PDD diagnosis, but has a minor articulation problem.  He has since been placed in a general education kindergarten class and is doing well.  We continue to receive treatments from Dr. Sue for his speech and continue to see improvements.  This was a child that was on the spectrum and didn't say his first word until three and a half years old and now attends regular kindergarten.  Both my children have benefited greatly from Dr. Sue's NAET treatments.  Without her treatments, I do not know how much progress, especially Jake, would have made.  NAET has changed our lives."

                                                                                                       - Christine B.

"My 2 ½ year old son was diagnosed on the autism spectrum has made tremendous improvement with NAET. He has been treated for approximately 2 months. My son was in a self contained class and can now function in a typical nursery class. My 4 ½ year old is also diagnosed as an autistic child. He is still early in his NAET treatments but I see signs of communicative intent, better eye contact and awareness of his environment. As their mother, I am a patient too. My stress and anxiety levels are greatly diminished when dealing with difficult situations thanks to Dr Cunningham."

                                                                                                                                    - Carol A.